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Wiring Diagrams for BMW and Mini

BMW WDS Model Select Screen.

The BMW WDS was designed and distributed long before modern browsers were developed therefore it uses some archaic logic and functions in its operation. If you've downloaded and tried to use the many available versions of the WDS system on the Internet, you may have encountered difficulties in being able to access the actual wiring diagrams.

We have gone through and modified the entire system to work with modern browsers, and can guide you on setting up your system for the one specific component we cannot change, the Java runtime.

The original BMW WDS required:

Operating System:

Original version Browser reuirements:

With the internet version it does no matter what operating system you are running, or what platform you are operating upon. Windows, Macintosh, Linux... As long as your chosen browser supports Java properly and the Java Runtime is installed appropriate for your operating system and the browser can display SVG (Scaled Vector Graphics) then it should work. Now there are some logical limits. Display sizes less than 800 x 600 are going to be unusable so your smart phone is probably not a good choice. But tablets should be Okay if they otherwise meed the technical requirements. (Note that running Java applets it the most difficult process to enable for non-Windows tablets.)

Minimum requirements to access the WDS via our website:

Browsers (Only Windows versions tested!):

*(Oracle owns Sun since 2010)

Browsers we've tested as funtional with the online WDS:

The following is a quick test to see if your existing browser is ready to run the wiring diagram system

Java Runtime:

On a system that you use daily and access the internet often, you should keep your Java Runtime up to date with the latest updates. However, if you will be using the computer for diagnostics only, and it does not already have a JRE installed, you can use the Java 6.45 x86 JRE (which is obsolete, but we've made it available HERE!). This version is old enough that it does not have the same security or systems protections that versions from JRE 7.51 on include. This makes it much easier to use with the Java applets included in the BMW WDS. We have saved the JRE file to our secure storage location where it is stored in an encrypted form so we can be sure it doesn't get modified before you download it.

However, the Java runtime has evolved considerably since these requirements were laid down, and as of this document the JRE (Jave Runtime Enviroment) is version **8 Update 151 and it naturally will continue to be updated as time passes.

**As of Nov, 2017

If you have an up to date system, then you will need to modify the Security Settings for your Java Runtime to add this website to your list of exceptions allowed to run unsigned code. This is required by the Java Runtime Environment when:

Which pretty well describes the Java applet that the WDS system uses and is key to its operation! This means that if you have a version of the JRE newer than 6 you must add an exception to the Java security settings to allow the Java applet included in the BMW WDS to run. The instructions following come from the Oracle web site.

Manage the JRE Exception Site List

The exceptions granted by the Exception Site List feature apply to RIAs whose entry point is included in the list:

If the RIA requires resources from another domain, that domain must also be included in the exception site list. Otherwise, the RIA is blocked when the additional resource is accessed.

The exception site list is managed in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel. The list is shown in the tab. To add, edit, or remove items from the list, click Edit Site List and follow the directions below.

Add a URL

To add our URL to the exception site list, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add in the Exception Site List window.
  2. Type the URL into the empty field that is provided under Location.
  3. Continue to click Add and enter URLs until your list is complete.
  4. Click OK to save the URLs that you entered. If you click Cancel, the URLs are not saved.

For the BMW WDS on our site enter the following entry:

You should only add a site to the exception site list if you trust the site.

If an invalid URL is entered, an error icon is shown next to the item. If the URL is not corrected before OK is clicked, the invalid URL is not saved.

When you open the specific model page in the WDS and you are using a version of Java greater than 7, you will see at the very least (depending upon your specific Java configuration and security settings) a prompt by the Java Security Settings with a pop-up warning stating: "Do you want to run this application?", it must show the location as "" which is correct. Click the "Run" button to load the Java applet that allows access to the wiring diagrams.


It is important to note that the WDS System is not mobile friendly. The minimum screen resolution for the diagrams is 800 x 600, 1024 x768 for the selection screen, and only some mobile browsers may render the images properly if they properly support Java applets.

This is the entire contents of the BMW and Mini WDS as provided on the original WDS in all included languages.

If you are interested in your own copies of these DVD's we can provide that for a nominal charge. Because the original BMW DVD's will not run 'as delivered' on modern computer systems, we have modified the appropriate programs to allow them to run on current PC's with minimal changes to your system. The DVD version does require Internet Explorer 8 or newer and Windows. Our WDS DVD's work correctly on all Windows versions from Windows XP through Windows 10 (XP requires Service Pack 3). All must have Internet Explorer!

The on-line version of the BMW WDS is identical to the normal "as-shipped" BMW WDS for content and usage, but for our online version the code have been modified to work on most any modern browser that supports running Java Applets. The only non-functional operation is clicking links in the diagram to open the appropriate tree link for the component; online the links will work in Internet Explorer 5.5 to 8 only, and when the browser is using the Adobe® SVG plug-in. This is due to how the WDS was originally structured around the SVG plug-in.

The funtional links issue does NOT apply to our DVD version, with this, all the code has been modified to correctly function on any supported Windows version, with Internet Explorer from 8 onwards.